East Anglian Air Ambulance...Lottery
You may not be aware, but the air ambulance service that serves Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire is not funded by the NHS or central government - it is funded by charity donations.
It takes around 60,000 per month to fund the service. You can now make a regular donation by entering a charity run weekly lottery - with the added benefit of the chance to receive an expected 1,000 cash prize. Tickets are 1 per week.
Northwold Post Office are local agents for the "Friends of East Anglian Air Lottery"


Thank you to Village Life for allowing Northwold Village Hall Trustees to supply an insert and to those who deliver to houses IN NORTHWOLD.   Please will someone in your household spend a short time to answer the questions. If we get a good response this will strengthen our case.   Please think hard about new use of the hall and make what suggestions you wish - and use the back of the form if more space is needed for you to express your ideas.

Please don't delay in returning your forms as we wish to have time to analyse them all to make a report at the next meeting of the Village Hall Trustees.

Brenda Ayres and Pam Eyles