doubt be times when we are short of copy and they'll certainly get used eventually.
Chris Darlow has the enviable task of handling the advertisers (including invoicing). Please advertisers, do try to pay promptly as we are all voluntary and honestly don't need any extra work.
Finally, a plea…we are still receiving anonymous correspondence. Please, please if you send us something, say who you are. We will not print anonymous correspondence.
Have a great Jubilee and don't forget the Carnival the following week!


Watch out - our reporter's about!
Village life now has its own roving reporter who will be scouring the streets for stories of interest. These stories will be about YOU. Behind every closed door there lurks a history of little known events and occurrences. Little known, that is - until now! Our mission is to spread the word about the amazing things that have happened to you, so that we can all share in your unique life and get to know you better.

If you would like to be a subject, or know someone who ought to be a subject, then let us know. We'll work on a permission-only

principle - we're not the city paparazzi!

Our reporter has been a journalist throughout the media for newspapers, journals, radio and television. Our reporter visits your house with a small tape recorder, lets you spill the beans and then makes it all into a version of 'This is Your Life'. Her name is Toni Arthur-Hay. Read her first article in this issue on Tommy Bowers.

If you know someone who should be 'done', please contact Michael Parfitt, email:, telephone 728233.


Whittington's News
Allison Handoll reports on activities in and around Whittington

Whittington Community Project
Some of you may be interested in hearing more about the Project's development.
The review (13th April) felt that it was not a good idea to continue on an "ad hoc" basis. Following our successful first 6 months, the next year should be more formally arranged.
Committee Members:
Chairman - Gil Watkins
Treasurer - Vanessa Hoare
Secretary - Alison Handoll
Committee meetings will be held throughout the year. Anyone interested in arranging/assisting with an event will be welcome to come along. We hope to avoid unnecessary "Re-invention of wheels".
The Whittington Community Project aims to:
1. Encourage entertainment and social events for people living in Whittington and it's sister villages.
2. Raise sufficient funds to cover the costs of events.
3. Contribute towards the cost of "Amenity Improvements" at Christ Church Whittington enabling the building to remain a valued community project.
4. Support the village initiatives required to demonstrate "Proof of Need" for the purpose of future community grant application.

Report on Quiz Night 11th May
6 teams thrashed it out at the quiz evening, which was ably won by "The Young Ones", who had established their lead early on. The rest of us hung on to put up good scores on the night.  (Will Whitttington Travellers live down their score of 1 in the T.V. Soaps)? Gil and Pete worked hard setting a good range of questions, (What is Ailurophobia?). So many thanks. The event could have been better attended! Where were you? Nevertheless we had an enjoyable evening, well refreshed by Pete's now infamous punch and the lavish buffet supplied by the Committee with the much appreciated assistance of Carol Gale and assistant! Thanks to all who came along.
Next Whittington Event
Whittington School Renunion at Whittington Church on Saturday 8th June, 2pm until 4 pm.
Calling all over 40's….
Did you go to Whittington School? Would you recognise your classmates? More to the point… Would they recognise you? Janet Allen and Mary Cross are hosting this special event. Come along, meet old friends, have a chat over tea and cakes. Families and friends are also welcome. Your old photos and "Memorabilia" much appreciated, for the display. Bring things along on the day or contact the organisers. Anyone willing to help Janet and Mary or are willing to donate raffle prizes contact Janet on 728516 or Mary on 328469.


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