The team fro the last game was Jamie Lee-Hood G A, Sophie Ward C, Emily  Durrance G S, Laura Bond W D, Rebecca Roberts W A, Rosie Stutchbury G K and Elizabeth Johnson G D.
Hockwold also took first centre pass in this game but we soon grabbed the ball and took it up their end. It was soon 1-0 to us, but they got a goal back and at half time it was 1-1. In the second half we scored one more goal to make it 2-1 to us but they soon got a goal back and it was 2-2. The match ended with the score being 2-2. Overall Northwold Primary School came second.
We would like to thank Mrs Bimpson, Mrs Hood and Mrs Johnson for helping us through the season…


On May, 2nd  we had our Mayday celebration at Northwold School with maypole dances, Morris Dancing and songs.
May Day is a very old celebration to welcome the return of the flowers after winter and to think about new life. It has been going for hundreds of years.
It was lovely sunny day and many adults came to watch us perform. We had a traditional May Queen with a King, Princes and Princesses, a Jester and Royal Guards. All the children in the school took part. Everyone paraded around the playground. They all had a posy to be presented to the King and Queen.
Rosie was the Queen and Connor was the King. Sophie, Sapphire, Kay and I were Princesses. There were two Princes, Jasper and Thomas, and we had Nick and Ashley as the Royal Guards. Troy was a really good Jester. He had his face painted as a clown and wore clown clothes. He had a feather duster which  he waved at people and he told jokes to them.
The Queen wore a long lilac dress and the Princesses wore lilacs and purples. Everyone else wore nice clothes.
Class one performed two songs, one was with mice and the other one was a caterpillar. Everyone clapped and smiled.
Class Two did some Morris dances with handkerchiefs. Morris Dancing is a very ancient and traditional part of May celebrations.
Year Four sang different songs which were about May the first. All of them had musical instruments to play.
The main event was performed by years five and six, that was the dancing around the maypole. They performed several dances where the ribbons were woven into different patterns. I did double plait, spider's web and gipsy's tent.
I thought that everyone did well and I enjoyed dancing around the maypole. I liked seeing the other children dancing and I really liked the mice.
The parents smiled a lot and seemed to enjoy the afternoon.
At the end a photographer came and took lots of photos which will be in the Lynn News.
When the dancing was over most of the adults  came into the school for a cup of  tea and biscuits.
This was a really lovely day and I look

forward to next years May Day when I may be lucky enough to be chosen as Queen.


It was Stoke Ferry versus Northwold, but this time we were at Stoke Ferry. We started the first half with Ashley in goal, Jasper and Declan in defence, me in midfield and Connor and Ryan up front.
We kicked off and started off great with Jasper and Declan defending well. After about five to ten minutes Connor started us off with a goal. Not long after I scored our second goal but Stoke Ferry didn't give up, they brought out my brother Chris. They soon scored their first goal. About ten minutes after, I scored our third goal. It was 3 - 1 to Northwold at the end of the first half.
The second half was: Ashley in goal, Jacob and Thomas in defence, me in midfield and Connor and Ryan as strikers. I scored another two goals, and Ryan scored one too. But Stoke Ferry also scored another one. The end score was 6-2 to Northwold.

Holly Garrod
of Northwold School has won a County competition for designing a Jubilee Mug. This competition was organised by Supply Desk Ltd.

News of our School Clubs from the mouths of children…


This was our first Netball Tournament at Hockwold Primary School because it is normally held at Gooderstone. We were all very nervous. Our first game was against Methwold Primary School :-

Methwold 2. Northwold 4
The team for this game was Jamie - Lee Hood G A, Sophie Ward C, Rebecca Roberts W A, Emily Durrance G S, Elizabeth Johnson G D, Laura Bond W D and Rosie Stutchbury G K. In this game we took first centre pass, we were soon up their end trying to shoot, it went in. It was 1 - 0 to us. They then grabbed the ball and took it up our end. They had a shot and it was now 1 - 1. Our centre pass again and we took the ball up their end and had a shot. It went in and it was now 2 - 1 to us. At half time we swapped ends. They were playing much better in this half. They scored another goal to make it 2 - 2, but we soon grabbed two more goals back to make it 2-4 to us at full time.

Gooderstone 5, Northwold 1
The team for this game Was Jamie Lee - Hood G A, Sophie Ward C, Emily Durrance G S, Rebecca Roberts W A, Elizabeth Johnson G D, Amber Taylor W D, and Rosie Stutchbury GK.
Gooderstone took first centre pass in this game. They soon had the ball up our end shooting. They scored two goals before half time and we scored one. In the second half it was very close but they scored three more goals to make it 5 - 1 to them At full time. We all tried our very best but unfortunately we lost.

Hockwold 2. Northwold.2

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