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Village Life joins the information superhighway

Very few people could have failed to be touched by the Internet in recent years as seemingly every television or radio programme is now accompanied by a plug for their email address, web-site, or a chance to join their "live web chat".
Never to be left behind, Northwold and Whittington Village Life now has it's own web-site and email addresses.
Some keen Internet users amongst you may have actually spotted this last month as we printed the email addresses for the team here.
As of last month, the web-site has also been running, with February's Village Life available on the web-site actually before it had been printed and circulated.
Each month, we'll upload the new Village Life and plan to keep around six month's worth available for web users.
For those of us who live in Northwold or Whittington, this won't actually make a great difference (as we'll still get a printed copy through our letterbox), but just think who it will be useful for:-

  • Those who have moved away, but want to

keep up-to-date with village news

  • Your friends or relations around the world - tell them to go to and they'll be able to see pictures and information - perhaps even a picture of their grandson on a Carnival float? (or your prize Marrow in the Produce Show!)
  • Families thinking of moving to the area - what better way to really get the 'feel' for a village than reading about the everyday events and activities?
  • Residents from neighbouring villages who don't get a Village Life delivered, but quite often contribute articles and advertisements.
The web-site also has a facility where anyone can submit an article - please encourage everyone to take a look and submit any comments they have, or even an article for publication.
Don't get the wrong idea - is not going to become the world's busiest web-site, it's just another way of circulating information to those outside of Northwold and Whittington.

Graeme Whiting

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