householders offering to do work, for example tree surgery, trimming hedges, and other such jobs. They have been using a White Ford Transit van, and are conspicuous by their orange boiler suits. Their method is for one of them to get the householder out of the house whilst the other one enters and steals whatever they can find. The simple advice is. Do not entertain these people on your property if you do not know who they are, and never allow them to lure you out of your house in their company, as the accomplice will not be showing themselves until it is too late.

You know if you want any work done - if you don't want any done, ask them to leave your property.

There are plenty of people resident in the village who will do this type of work so there is no need to employ strangers.

Michael Parfitt

Drama at Northwold Village Hall

Thanks to the efforts of Eve Harris, a local mother of two, and the support of local TV personality Toni Arthur-Hay, there is a drama club for under 8's starting in Northwold Village Hall.
Toni has a specialist degree in community drama and ran her own drama school for seven years in Tunbridge Wells, Kent before she moved to Norfolk. The school began with classes for a few young children and soon expanded to 8 classes a week, of over 200 hundred pupils with ages ranging from 4 to 70 years old. Although many of her ex-students have been lucky enough to gain regular theatre and TV employment, Toni maintains that the real value of drama exercises is to help improve self-confidence and self-assertiveness. An actual career in drama is often very difficult to achieve and to sustain. The experience of tuition in drama, however, has a powerful and beneficial effect on any future career prospects. The first session is on Wednesday 8th May at 4pm, cost
2.50 per session.