Editor's Notes
I am writing this editorial note on Tuesday 3rd September having just received a particularly abusive and offensive telephone call from one of our contributors complaining that we have (once again) made an error in their article. Unfortunately Michael and I are only human - and we are not running "The Times" newspaper here. Yes, we'd love to be perfect (ask Pam and Caroline, they'd like us perfect too!), but we're not and luckily the majority of our readers appreciate our best efforts and give constant encouragement. To our supporters, thank you - and to those who think we "..didn't understand the work involved when we took it on.." - did we see a queue of other VOLUNTEERS?
There was also a complaint from the same (Ex) contributor that we shouldn't have published Carol Sharp's article entitled "Bogus caller in Northwold" due to her being the Chairperson of the Village Life Committee. What absolute balderdash (never thought I'd use that word, but couldn't print my original choice!) - if Carol or anybody else wants to write an article that is considered appropriate by the editorial team then we will print it. In this instance, it was an article of specific local interest and could have been written by anyone - Carol is, after all, a local resident.
So, we persevere and ride above these petty comments - please keep the positive feedback coming in. We also appreciate negative comments when presented in a constructive and adult manner.
Anybody wishing to join the Village Life "Team" can contact me - there's always the post of Editor up for grabs!


Ringing of Wild Birds
In early June I noticed a very 'Flat' bird in the middle of the High Street opposite to our war memorial. The poor thing had obviously been run over by a passing vehicle either after or at the time of it's death. For some reason I took a closer look at find that the bird had a ring on it's leg. I took the ring off to notice that it had engraved upon it a number and request that the British Museum be informed. I sent the ring off and received a card from the British Trust of Ornithology, (BTO) in Thetford thanking me for the ring and informing me that I would receive more details about the bird's history later. Apparently the British Museum is given as a returning point as it's address is internationally known. British Museum, London on an envelope ensures a safe delivery.
I have now been told that the bird was a female blackbird which was two years old, and was originally ringed here in Northwold by J.A.Fowler on the 6th January 2001. Mr Fowler apparently lives in Cumbria but rings birds in many parts of the U K including East Anglia.
I have visited the BTO Headquarters in Thetford to discover that for over a hundred years rings have been put on to birds legs to monitor what is happening to populations of birds, their migration routes and wintering areas. Over 750,000 birds are ringed in the UK each year and there are just over

2000 trained ringers most of whom are volunteers.
Only a very small proportion of the small birds ringed have their rings returned to the BTO via the British Museum. The percentage of returns for larger birds such as geese is significantly higher. If your cat brings in a dead bird or you see one in the road or in your garden check to see if it has a ring on it's leg.

Tom Shephard

Northwold Post Office
Due to staff holidays, Northwold Post Office will be operating a restricted service from Monday 14th October to Monday 28th October (inclusive). The Shop will be open as normal, the Post Office counter will be open:

Monday, Thursday & Friday
9 am to 12.30 pm only

The Postman will still collect mail from Northwold Post Office as normal.
Pensions/Allowances normally encashed at Northwold can be encashed at Methwold or Mundford Post Offices without penalty, and they do not have to be encashed on the day specified within your book - they can be encashed any day
on or after the day specified.

Remember, the shop will
be open as normal.

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