Car Break Ins
This is a message to all car owners in in Home Watch, Shop Watch and to the Parish Clerks in West Norfolk.
Despite many warnings to the public, people are still leaving property in their cars in plain view of passers-by. Even if you are only leaving your car for a few minutes, make sure you always remove your property or secure it out of sight in the boot.
Thieves have always targeted cars in car parks and at our beauty spots but now they are targeting cars parked in residential areas. 
Therefore, if you cannot park your in a garage overnight "Please remove all property from view!"
Over the weekend 14 cars were broken into throughout all of West Norfolk.
One of the methods they are using is to drive down a street slowly and when they pass a parked car the passenger looks into it and if they see anything, they break into the car and steal it.
Please pass this warning on to all your friends, neighbours and relatives who own cars.
Caravan & trailer thefts
This is a general warning to all

Home Watch members.
Over the past week there has been a spate of caravan and trailer thefts in West Norfolk.
Caravans have been stolen from Pentney and Outwell. Trailers were stolen from Magdalen, Hillington, St Germans and Hockwold.
If you have a caravan or a trailer ensure that it stored in a secure place and fit a good quality wheel clamp or towing hitch lock. Fit an alarm and mark property inside a caravan.
If you like further advice on how to protect your property contact your local Crime Prevention Officer on 01553 665037
Please be aware that two men driving a blue Mondeo car are approaching House Holders in the Downham Market area offering cheap gravel for sale.
They state that the gravel is from Crow Hall. This is certainly is not the case and if you are offered any gravel please do not accept and contact the police immediately.
Try to collect as much detail about the men as possible and the vehicle they are driving.
Yet another elderly person has become a victim of a Bogus Caller in our area.

On Friday 13 September 2002 two Irish sounding males aged 25-30 years of age called at the home of a 78 year old lady in South Wootton and put gravel down at the side of her house. They charged the lady 450 (Four Hundred and Fifty Pounds) for this service which took less than an hour.
They were using a White Lorry with a Green Cab.
Again the warning goes out to all Home Watch members. Bogus Callers and Tradesmen target the elderly. Please keep on reinforcing this message and keep a special eye out for your elderly relatives, friends and neighbours.
Recently, there has been a burglary in West Norfolk where the perpetrator gained access to the property was by forcing the patio doors. This is a popular method of entry to a property.
If you have the older type of patio doors, please take precautions to ensure that your property is not vulnerable through that particular route by either taking advice from a Crime Prevention Officer or a Master Locksmith.
Both will give impartial advice as to the best items available to suit your property.

Michael Parfitt

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