Letter to Eastern Daily Press, printed May 24th, 2002

In your article on May 17, PC Jason Selvarajah asked residents in villages around Thetford to contact the police if they saw anything suspicious. Thefts had been carried out in Mundford area.
This is exactly what happened in Northwold on May 14. Two ladies were called on by a man pretending to be from Anglian Water and wanting to see their bathroom.
A neighbour called the police on the King's Lynn number and was put in a queue.
He waited and waited…eventually hanging up in frustration. He contacted me, I then tried 999 and was told the police would not come out as there was insufficient information.
After villagers investigated, more descriptions were obtained and I called the police on the Lynn number. I was held in a queue for at least two minutes. I gave up. Eventually the original caller tried 999 and the police agreed to attend.
We have had no further contact from the police. We do not know if they attended or if anyone was caught and we are extremely annoyed at the cavalier treatment.
I have no doubt the matter would have been dealt with much more efficiently had we had our old village policeman back.
It would appear that all the glossy brochures, strategies, consultations and public meetings (not to mention the huge 20% increase in police charges) do no good at all.

Carol Sharp
Parish and Borough Councillor
Methwold Road, Northwold

Harvest Concert
Saturday, September 21st
7.30 pm, Northwold Church
Talent of all ages will feature in the Concert with a variety of entertainment from local performers - to be followed by light refreshments.
This is part of our celebration of Harvest-Tide, which will be continued on Sunday 22nd September by our Traditional Harvest Festival Service, at 11 am. Do join us for both Concert and Service! Admission to the Concert is by programme (£2 adults, Children free) available from Brenda at 36 West End, Jane at 12 West End or Northwold Post Office. The Children's Harvest Service will be at 11am on Friday 20th September.

Bogus caller in Northwold

Some of you may be aware that the village was visited by a man posing as a Water Board Official on May 14th this year.
The Police response was appalling and Jim Booty and I spent quite a long time trying to convince them that they should attend what we felt was a serious incident.
I was so annoyed that I wrote to the EDP and my letter (right) was published on 24th May.
After several weeks I received a phone call from a Police Constable apologising for the lack of Police action. Mrs Gillian Shephard (our MP) took up my points with the Police and the reply can been seen on page four.

Carol Sharp